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Jennifer Lea Anthony Chubick



Jennifer Lea Anthony Chubick

April 11, 1975 -- May 23, 2004

    Jeni is our youngest daughter who was recently divorced and living in Anchorage Alaska where she attended church at Anchorage Baptist Temple.  She worked for a great accounting firm, Skipworth & Associates LLC where she was an accountant and prepared income tax returns.  Jeni loved Alaska with its beautiful scenery and great fishing.

    Unfortunately, Jeni was diagnosed with a malignant liver cancer in December 2003.  After undergoing many tests, it was determined that she had spindle cell sarcoma in the middle lobe of her liver.  This tumor grew in size to the extent that it closed her inferior vena cava, the major vein that returns blood from her kidneys and lower extremities, to her heart.  Due to the size and location of this tumor, a liver transplant was the only way the doctors could help her.  She was transferred from Alaska to the University of Washington Medical Center where she awaited a liver transplant for two months.  Unfortunately, a suitable donor could not be found in time and the cancer spread from her liver to her lungs.

    Jeni returned to Oklahoma with us to a joyous welcome by friends, family and Prayer Warriors.  Her time here with us and her family was short and Jeni went on to be with the Lord at 3:37pm on May 23, 2004. 

    While we were with Jeni, we had many great times, and took a few pictures of her that many of you indicated that you enjoyed. 



 While we were in Seattle, Jeni got to ride a horse for the first time. She enjoyed it so much, She also got to groom the horse and fed it an apple from her hand.  We will always be so thankful to nurse Dixie Service for making this possible for Jeni and allowing her to enjoy "Rain" (the horse's name) for a few hours.


Jeni enjoyed the Orbiter dessert at the Space Needle in Seattle.


TulipField.JPG (20656 bytes) 

While in Seattle, Bob and Gloria Fu took us to the Tulip Festival at Mount Vernon, Washington.  Jeni enjoyed that immensely.

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Jeni was given a great welcome back home in Oklahoma from her family, friends and Prayer Warriors.  She had a great day as she celebrated her 29th Birthday on Easter Sunday.


We love you all and we recognize that we could not have made it this far without your prayers and God's ears hearing them and comforting us.  He has been so good to hear our prayers, comfort us and give us courage for each day.  We have confidence that He will continue to love us and give us strength. 

Thank you all again.  May God richly bless you as you walk daily in his footsteps.

Jim and Billie Anthony