Med Cruise

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In June of 2015 we cruised the Mediterranean Sea from Barcelona, Spain to Venice Italy. Billie's sisters, Linda and Connie, my cousin Mike and Sharon Anderson, and friends Jim and Donna Barnes joined us and we had a wonderful time.  We flew from Tulsa, OK to Barcelona Spain.  Boarded the Emerald Princess in Barcelona where we cruised to Toulon, France, Livorno, Civitavecchia (near Rome), and Naples in Italy, then onto Mykonos, Greece, Istanbul, Turkey, Kusadasi (near Ephesus), Turkey, Athens, Greece and then to Venice, Italy where we flew home.  Don't ask us about our air flights, they were awful (lightening struck our plane in Houston on the way over there so we were one day late arriving in Barcelona.  Then on the return trip, airport security was soooo slow in Newark that they caused us to miss our plane to Chicago, they put us on a later flight to Chicago but it arrived after the last flight to Tulsa had departed, there were no hotel vacancies anywhere around O'Hare so we had to spend the night in the airport).  Other than the air transportation though we had a wonderful trip.

I've combined our pictures and videos into a video on YouTube.