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Scotland and Ireland

The following Pictures are of our recent May 1999 Vacation where we toured Scotland and Ireland New1.jpg (19915 bytes)

Urquhart Castle on Lock Ness in Scotland This is the site where most of the Lock Ness Monster Sighting have occurred We took three different pictures of this castle from this location and didn't notice the thing in the lake but it appeared on all three photos There is something in the lake (see the red arrow) could it be Nessie the Lock Ness Monster?

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 Billie at Edinburgh Castle in Edinburg Scotland

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Billie at the entrance gate to the Dublin Castle Dublin Ireland

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Culzean Castle Scotland This is the castle that Dwight Eisenhower used as his resting and strategizing center during World War II. In appreciation of his service to the United Kingdom and Europe, he was given a life estate in the top floor of this castle. This is one of the most beautiful castles we saw.


We're at the cliffs of Moher Ireland They are on the west coast of Ireland and are very windy as you can tell.

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Jim just HAD to kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle Ireland Now he is full of it!

We thought this four horned goat was interesting Its a Jacob Goat from the 'Ring of Kerry' Ireland Jacob Goat's normally have 4-horns.