Dop and Nellie

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Watie and Nellie Donelson

Billie's dad, Watie (that everyone knew as 'Dop') Donelson was born April 30, 1926 and Passed On on December 6, 2011.  Dop was a good dad and father-in-law to us.  He had two brothers, Claude and John and one Sister Coleen Donelson London.

Billie's mom, Nellie was born April 12, 1926 and Passed On on April 22, 2012.  Billie said she still remembers the time when she ran away from home at about age 5-6 and Nellie spanked her all the way home.  We love Nellie very much and know that Granny is now running up in heaven with our son and daughter, Joey and Jeni. Nellie was a daughter of Squirrel and Polly Wildcat.



Both are interred in Hughart Cemeter between Gore and Braggs.


Dop and Nellie with their children. see their names        The Donelson Clan in 2004 (except Jim and Frances)