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In August 2009, Billie and I traveled to Honduras to see our daughter and her family.  We took a short trip to the resort town of Tela on the Northern Honduras Coast.

Billie, Teri and I, relaxing on the Caribbean at Tela, Honduras

On the way to Tela, we stopped for the night along the shores of Lake Yojoa, the largest lake in Honduras.  Our son-in-law Jim took this gorgeous picture of the sunrise over the lake.

Since I retired from the Railroad, we just had to take a ride on this passenger train near Tela.  This car is the locomotive and passenger car.  The man in the cap is the engineer, driving the train.  A small four wheeled cart was attached behind the locomotive for hauling repair supplies.

On the train ride we noticed that several of the local residents lived in thatched roof homes.

Back in Tegucigalpa, we celebrated our granddaughter, Jesi's 15th Birthday.

We attended Sunday Worship service in the Riley's new church building.

We always enjoy a great meal at our favorite Honduran restaurant, La Cumbre, in Tegucigalpa.