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September 2005

In September 2005 we went on a tour with Richard's Fun Time Tours
and traveled from Kansas City Missouri to Nova Scotia Canada.  We
traveled along the route marked with a blue line in the picture above.


Billie at the Statue to the Forefathers in Providence Rhode Island.

We saw the Plymouth Rock in Rhode Island.

Billie in front of one of the Ginger Bread Cottages at Methodist Camp
in Martha's Vinyard.

We also visited the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Memorial on Cape Cod.

Billie is enjoying a walk on the beach at Cape Cod.

The largest wooden church in North America, Ste Marie's church in Nova Scotia.

In Halifax, Nova Scotia we visited the graves of many of the victims
of the Titanic disaster.  See how the graves are arranged like the bow
of a ship.

Billie and I at Peggy's Cove.

Anne of Green Gables cottage.

We also toured the Cabot Trail

We also stopped at Portland, Maine where we visited the Portland 'Head Light'